So you booked your flights to Croatia. Now what? Let’s talk about the best Croatian islands and what are your options when it comes to creating the perfect Croatia itinerary.

As Croatia has over 1000 islands, there are many options to pick from. There are no secrets here – many travelers will want to hop on a yacht or on a boat to make the most of Croatia. If cruising around the best Croatian islands seems like a good idea, check out these unique Croatia cruises. You can find plenty of different options for any budgets.

Let’s take a look at the islands you could be visiting soon.

10 Incredible Croatian Islands to Visit


The vibrant nightlife, clean beaches and extravagant vineyards put the Croatian island of Hvar on everyone’s Croatia island hopping itinerary. Located off the Dalmatian Coast, Hvar has two distinct sides: the more family-friendly side of Stari Grad and the hip party side of Hvar Town. Spend the day at one of the lush beaches or explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stari Grad. There’s a reason Hvar is considered a Croatia island hopping holidays hotspot!


One of the most iconic photos coming out of the Croatian islands is a stark white-sanded peninsula with stunning aqua waters on either side, full of sunbathers and sailboats anchored offshore. This picturesque beach of Zlatni Rat is on the Croatian island of Brac, a favored location for windsurfing, sailing and diving. Keep it on the down low at the pebbled beaches or opt for an afternoon on top of Vidova Gorca, Brac’s tallest peak and the best view in all of Croatia!


The largest Croatian island, Cres offer hilly landscapes and is a popular destination among cycling enthusiasts. Spend the day breaking a sweat on one of the many hiking and cycling trails in the interior of the island or head to the coast for the pebbled sundrenched beaches.


For Mediterranean island junkies, Susak is where you need to be. The island of Susak is pretty unknown and not often included on Croatia island hopping tours. If you’re looking for a getaway from the more developed islands of Croatia spend a few days at one of the furthest islands from the mainland. The island is full of hiking trails and beaches with little to no touristic influence. Go off the grid and be one with nature during your Croatian island hopping holiday.


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Known as the “Emerald Isle” is the stunning island of Korcula located off the coast of Dubrovnik. The architecture on the island looks like it’s straight out of a Disney princess storybook — 15th-century medieval castle-esque buildings surrounded by clear waters. A main attraction of the island is the alleged house of famous explorer Marco Polo. Although some say documentation states the house was actually built one century after his passing…a Croatian conspiracy? One of the biggest Croatia Island hopping tips I can give is to not miss Korcula, it’s a traveler’s favorite!


A wine and food lovers paradise — Vis. Located a bit further away from the coast than the other islands, Vis is a rocky island home to Stivna beach, 2016’s “Best Beach in Europe” winner. Vis serves up a laid-back vibe, paired with insanely stunning beaches and vineyards galore. Take a trip to the Blue Grotto to witness the clearest water you’ve ever encountered!


The beaches of Croatia are unique from other locations as their beaches are often rocky or pebbled. Rab is one of the only islands in Croatia where you can enjoy soft traditional sand beneath your feet. The beaches are what draw island lovers to Rab but the interior island hosts mountains and a beautiful array of native and non-native plant species.


If you’re on the hunt for lively nightlife and DJs performing at festivals, be sure to include Pag on your Croatian island hopping itinerary. (More specifically Zrce Beach, the “Ibiza” of Croatia.) Pag has the longest coastline of all the Croatian islands and hosts stunning white jagged rocks and a bridge for easy access from Zadar.


Another easily accessible island that’s connected by a bridge to the mainland is the golden island of Krk. Known for its wildlife, nature and watersports — Krk is a can’t miss on your Croatia island hopping trip. Learn to wakeboard in the clear waters or go off on a hike to spot the Croatian wildlife.  A beloved location on Krk is the Kvarner Bay, a perfect location for sunbathing, jet skiing or diving.


An overlooked Croatian island is the health and the wellness-centered island of Losinj. If you’re wanting some rejuvenation and detoxing after days spent traveling on the road, indulge during a few days on Losinj. Known for health tourism, the island is jam-packed with spas and wellness centers to pamper yourself with well-deserved “me time”.