When in Croatia, Split should definitely be on your travel itinerary. Split is also an amazing base for day trips as there are many places to discover in this area. Whether you do it yourself or you book a tour to make it easy, you must check out these day trips from Split.

Fun Day Trips from Split

Krka National Park

A quick 85 kilometer drive away from Split is Krka National Park, one of the most popular Split day trips. The easy, scenic drive makes for an effortless day with a beautiful final destination. Krka National Park is full of waterfalls that cascade across limestone formations and form clear blue pools of water, surrounded by vivid green moss and plants. Spend the day hiking around the trails in the park or swim under the waterfalls at the famous Skradinski Buk — the picture perfect location of 7 waterfalls falls cascading into a large pool of water. Check the park’s website to ensure conditions are good for swimming!


During Roman rule, Salona was the capital of Dalmatia. It was one of the largest cities during the Roman times and makes for one of the best tours from Split for history buffs! If you thought the architecture seems ancient in the popular cities of Croatia, wait until you experience the ruins of Salona. The amphitheater, only about 2 minutes outside of Salona is one of the most preserved ruins in the ancient city.


Omis is an adventure and thrill-seekers paradise! The laid-back afternoons of sightseeing through Croatian towns means it’s time to step into nature and get your heart pumping! A day of zip lining through 8 different lines crisscrossing over the Cetina River and mountains makes for one of the best day trips from Split! Other popular adventure activities in Omis involves rock climbing, kayaking and hiking adventure day tours.


Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and between the rivers of Neretva and Cetina is the second largest mountain in Croatia, Biokovo.  A majestic mountain range with scenic rock formations, peaks and impressive views of the sea below and the sky above! A drive around the Biokovo mountain range makes for one of the most picture perfect day trips from Split.

Klis Fortress

For the Game of Thrones obsessed, the Klis Fortress should be high on your list of things do in Split. A filming location for series 4 of the popular TV series, Klis Fortress is where the fictional city of Meereen was shot. Even if you’re not a Game of Thrones fan, the views at the top of the fortress still make it a worthwhile excuse to head out on a Split excursions adventure day!

Plitvice Lakes

Another popular national park nearby to Split is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a little further north from Krka National Park. One of the best day tours from Split you can venture on, Plitvice Lakes is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Croatia. Enjoy the rolling hills and crashing waterfalls from the boardwalks that loop around the national park. Get there early to beat the day tour crowds! You can book your Plitvice Lakes tour here.


Getting to Trogir from Split is a quick and easy 30-minute drive by car or 45-minute drive by local bus. Trogir is one of the most preserved medieval towns in Europe, making it one of the best day trips from Split, Croatia for lovers of medieval history and architecture!


Time to try out your sea legs and take a day trip out into the deep blue ocean. Šolta is the perfect escape for anyone looking for a quieter getaway. The hustle and bustle of the popular Croatian towns can be a little daunting and islands like Šolta make a perfect day trip to enjoy a little peace and quiet. The beaches are empty and the hiking trails are plentiful — enjoy!

Cetina River

The crystal clear Cetina River weaves through the incredible Omis islands, making the perfect playground for adventure seekers. Take a day trip and experience white water rafting on Level II rapids for some of the best views in the Dalmatia region!